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Pro Pointers: Commercial Lobby Lighting

Pro Pointers is a series of lighting tips from the designer's desk.

This edition includes our top tips for successful entryway architectural lighting:

1. Bathe the walls with light:

Bright, evenly lit walls create a smooth and clean

backdrop for lobbies. Often, only downlights are used,

creating dark areas near the ceiling, hot spots, and unwanted “scalloping.” This can be avoided by using wallwashers, lights with special optics to avoid this.

2. Anchor the reception area with decorative fixtures

Give a warm welcome.

In addition to the general lighting scheme, accentuating the

reception area with a well-chosen decorative fixture clearly defines the space, and subtly lets visitors know where to go. Whether it’s a monumental chandelier or a small sconce, a decorative fixture ties the whole lobby together.

3. The general lighting should be bright and inviting

First impressions count...

for buildings too! When

employees and visitors enter a building, it’s essential to make them feel welcomed inside.

Lighting is a vital tool to make this happen.

Bright and inviting entry lighting can help offset unchangeable

architectural conditions such as low ceilings or obstacles in the floor layout.

4. Make sure wall art is lit

Make art pop.

Not only does illuminating art and features ensure they can be viewed, it also conveys the

message that each piece is meant to be there, creating an all-around

professional look. Linear strips and aimable track lights are both fantastic ways to achieve this, depending on the needs of each application.

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